Epic Shops

Epic shops has all what it takes to be an online ecommerce trend setter. With thousands of services this platform is working at its very best to take the client business to the next level. From animation to web designing and from app development to SEO the platform has every service, you name it.

What we did for Epic shops?

  • The unique idea of Epic Toolbox has been added to the website
  • The main tools to drive conversions on the website added are Loyalty+, Merchandise Pro, Pop Cards and eLocal
  • With Loyalty+ the customers with huge spending are rewarded with store credit
  • TechMarbles sends monthly email alerts to such customers which increases their lifecycle in relation to business
  • Conversion rates of the website are increased with Pop cards which appear instantly if a visotir leaves the website
  • Merchandise pro allows price charge on the fly which means complete control over the items that are there on the website categorically.
  • Daily delivery cutoff timing methodology has been introduced which means that now user can assign no delivery, holidays and daily delivery cutoff dates.
  • With elocal, pick up in store option has also been introduced.


February 2017


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