Farmbox is a UAE based fresh foods and veggies doorstep delivery services. Operations of the company are solely based on family operated European farms. The company exclusively operates in organic products. Bringing fresh products to customer doorstep is the ultimate goal of this organization. Purchasing organic products has never been as easy as it is with Farmbox. The best part is quality which is definitely out of the box. Farmbox has effective supply chain which ensures that fresh product is delivered. There is no concept of warehousing and product storage. The company gets to the customers exactly what they need.

What we did for Farmbox?

  • Complete payment gateway integration which made the process seamless
  • WooCommerce plugin has been completely configured by our developers
  • Customized services of the company are managed by TechMarbles
  • For weekly and monthly subscriptions a complete delivery report is sent to the clients detailing the activity log.
  • Bulk payments are provided and managed using XLS files
  • Indirectly TechMarbles has saved the cost for the company by providing open source plugins and technologies which never cost extra.
  • Payfort has additionally been integrated with WooCommerce to ensure fast and easy payment processing
  • The platform payment processing has been made company and user friendly.


February 2017


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