Payfort Start

Safe and secure online payments are one of the advantages of Payfort especially when it comes to Arab world. The best part is that the company takes into account both customer needs and buying trends. Payfort start is ecommerce plugin or payment gateway that is a very handy way to receive payments. The plugin has quickly gained popularity due to its ease of use. It can also be tweaked to match different needs for different businesses.

What we did for different platforms using Payfort start?

  • Payfort start integration for different platforms using Magento so that credit card payments are supported
  • 3D secure support
  • Complete PCI compliant plug in integration for secure and safe payment.
  • Bug troubleshooting and fixing
  • Merchant page 2.0 integration
  • Payment method configuration through the admin panel made possible
  • Added options for order placement
  • Offline fort response i.e. host to host
  • Payment options configuration in Woocommerce plugin and at the checkout screen
  • API keys configuraiton from the Payfort dashboard
  • Integration of token system to streamline the order process system
  • In case of capturing, refund and cancellation of order the payment processing from the admin panel
  • Integration of Payfort start as a separate module
  • AJAX and server authorization


March 2017


  • Plugin Development