Per Anziani

Elders are the assets to the society. They are loved, respected and properly taken care of in almost every society of the world. However if not in the old home they can suffer issues if there is no one around to take care of. Per Anziani is a website dedicated to take care of such people so that they find all the places of utmost importance with a single click. It includes nursing homes, RSA, home care, apartments and rehabilitation centers throughout Italy. In a nutshell this website is a boon for the elders as it makes life easy for them.

What we did for Per Anziani?

  • Link tag to include entire CSS file into the HTML page
  • Complete CSS style tags added to the HTML file
  • Inline style argument addition to most HTML tags
  • Element alteration through JavaScript on the pages which it is specifically required.
  • Site wise style sheet addition while combining the internal and external styling
  • Customized styling for specific pages and elements
  • For exact styling as per the client’s requirement internal, external and inline CSS has been combined.
  • Overall customization and styling of layout of HTML pages of the website.


February 2017


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