Trip seats

Travelling can be hassle if you don’t have a reliable partner at hand. Tripseats is one such website that gets you through your travel plan with ease not only saving money but also your time. It is a well-regarded site with clients all over the world. The service level as well as the comparison of this site is second to none. With highly positive customer response the site holds high rank among others of same genre. Not only your travel is eased but your stay is also made as comfortable as possible. The site is dedicated to finding the best travel and stay options.

What we did for Tripseats?

  • Complete CSS coding of the website has been done to make it interactive
  • Inline style application but embedding the style sheet directly into the HTML element
  • The difficult task of inline style maintenance is also carried out by TechMarbles.
  • The CSS information embodiment to the top of the document which is known as embedding style.
  • Most common methods of CSS application i.e. external style sheets are also applied to the website. For this separate files have been main embedding them into the required HTML docs.
  • CSS style import keeping in view the fact that site performance is not affected.


February 2017


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