Athena Alliance

Athena activates the connections, knowledge, and opportunities executive leaders need to break through the barriers that line the “last mile” of their career – to the C-suite, boardroom, or the world of entrepreneurship and investing.

How women will advance at scale

Consider this: there are 5,000 CEOs in San Francisco alone; 4,750 are men, 250 are women. It would take 17 San Franciscos to create a community of CEOs for women that men have in one physical location.

Virtual is the only model that can take the small numbers of successful women from all regions, everywhere, and turn them into a truly powerful global community. As you continue to climb in your career, you should be able to look both within and outside your profession—and engage other leaders to help you climb even higher. We see a world of support.

Athena was designed to allow members to reach across our digital yet intimate community. Connect to other members – when you need to, for what you need – to get you closer to your goals.

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