Exotic Estates

People looking to renting a home for a proper vacation, not just a cheap hotel alternative for a night or two, have understandable concerns. Trips often involves a major vacation and the entire family or multiple families. There are unique needs, preferences and desires that each group brings to their search. This is where Exotic Estates, which prides itself on vetting homes and/or Property Managers, so there are no surprises when you arrive at your villa or condo residence. Advising families and groups at the middle to luxury-end of the rental spectrum is all our Villa Specialists do, so they are well-positioned to help you make a good decision on your rental. 

Exotic Estates International (EEI) is luxury vacation rental agency serving discerning travelers and homeowners alike. From charming family-friendly abodes to world-class villas, travelers who work with Exotic Estates are matched with vetted residences that are ideal for their needs, while homeowners are offered first-rate market expertise and supportive services to ensure that their rental goals are met.

We believe in doing more and caring more for our guests and owners – our mission is to simply “out-care” the competition.

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