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Customer Conditional Mapping- Based on Condition

You can map any field of your customer from Shopify to Netsuite. Here is one basic example of mapping based on the condition. You can follow the same for your desired field.

  • Select ‘Map Netsuite Field to Fixed Value Based on Shopify Field Value’ in ‘Operation’.
  • Select ‘ Customer Field’ in ‘Shopify Field Source’.
  • Select the Customer field here for which you want to set the condition.
    Note* – You can select the field values as per your requirements.
  • Enter the value for ‘Shopify Field Value’ as per the customer details.
  • Select whether your field is a Custom Netsuite Field’ or ‘Default Netsuite Field’ in ‘Attribute Type’.
  • Select the name of the field from dropdown in ‘NS Field’.
  • Enter the value of ‘NS Field Value’ by inspecting the field in NetSuite.
  • Click Save.

    Note* – Same procedure follows for Custom NetSuite Fields.
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