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Order Conditional Mapping- Shipping Method

The shipping methods have a lot of parameters. So that you are not perplexed, here is the simplest way to map the shipping method with your order in Netsuite. Here’s a quick rundown of each of these steps:

  • Select ‘Map NetSuite Field to Fixed Value Based on Shopify Field Value’ in ‘Operation’.
  • Since shipping goes with the order, you need to select ‘Order Field’ in ‘Shopify Field Source’.
  • Select ‘Shipping Method’ in the ‘Order Field’.
  • Enter the value of the shipping method you are using with orders. For multiple methods you need to create multiple mappings.
  • Shipping method is a Default NetSuite Field so you need to select that in the ‘Attribute Type’.
  • Select the name of the field in ‘NS Field’.
  • At last, enter the field value for shipMethod(RecordRef) from your NetSuite.
    Note* – You can get the NS Field Value by simply inspecting the respected field in NetSuite.
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