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Inventory Settings

In the Product/Inventory Sync Settings, we can configure settings related to inventory Stocks and Prices. Inventory Stocks and Prices are automatically synced from NetSuite to WooCommerce based on these settings. There is also an option to manually sync this data.

Stock Management

  • Enable Stock Sync: By enabling this option Stocks/Inventory will sync from NetSuite to WooCommerce if their SKU/defined identifier matches
  • Inventory Location: Select the locations from where we need to pull the Inventory.
    • All Location: Inventory will be combined from all the locations
    • Default Location: Inventory will be fetched from the default locations for the item.
    • Selected Location: Select the locations from where inventory sync is required. Inventory levels will be combined for all selected locations.
  • Override Manage Stock: If disabled, the plugin will not override Manage Stock on Product Level. If enabled, then Manage Stock will be overridden.
  • Update stock status: If disabled, the plugin will not override the Stock Status on the Product Level. If enabled, the plugin will override the stock status according to the stock quantity.
  • Inventory Quantity Field: With this option, you can select the NetSuite field from where the stock will be synchronised. It can be “Quantity Available” or “Quantity on hand”.

Price Management

  • Enable Price Sync: If enabled, the price for the product gets updated on WooCommerce from NetSuite.
  • Price Level Name: Select the price level name to use for the Price Sync.

Common Settings

  • Map Product SKU: This option helps you to map the WooCommerce product SKU to different fields on the NetSuite item. Available Options
    • By product Name / Numer:
    • By UPC code: UPC code is SKU. SKU (SKU, is a code number, typically used as a machine-readable bar code, assigned to a single item of inventory.) is used in WooCommerce and in NetSuite SKU is known as UPC code
    • Display Name / Code:
    • Vendor Name / Code
    • Custom Field: If you are selecting this option then you have to enter the “Custom field id” from NetSuite
  • Automated Inventory Sync Frequency: Select the frequency for the automated cron. The Stocks and Prices will be auto-updated at the specified internal. Available Options
    • Hourly: Every hour
    • Twice Daily: Every 12 hours
    • Daily: Every 24 hours

Manual Sync

You can also sync Stocks and prices manually by clicking on the “Manual update inventory and(or) price” button.

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